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Patient With Low Immunity, Hormone Imbalance, Constipation, Unexplained Headaches and Weight Gain

Patient Details-

Age: 42 yr old 

Sex: Female

From: United Kingdom

Date of Admission: 2nd September 2019

Date of Departure: 15th October 2019


History of Presenting Illness

Patient arrived at weight of 82kgs (ideal weight for height = 65kgs) complaining of inability to lose weight through controlled diet and exercise. Additionally, feeling bloated, heavy and tender breasts and constant pre-menstrual symptoms. Patient also complained of a low immune system with constant cold/flu and unexplained headaches for which she could not identify a cause or trigger.


The Patient had a history of Uterine Cancer and had been on high dose Progesterone for a period of 2 years. Have been free of medicine for over 6 years at time of arrival. 


Consultation Findings & Diagnosis


Dosha Prakriti – Kapha Pitta

Dosha Vikrti    – Aggravated Kapha and Vata



It was diagnosed that the patient has an accumulated severe hormone imbalance caused by the high dose progesterone taken over 6 years ago. Even though the patient is currently not taking progesterone or other hormone tablets, the effect of the medicines taken has created an imbalance which needs to be corrected. All symptoms described by the patient are due to this imbalance.   


The patient was mentally balanced and aware of a potential physical imbalance. She had been practicing Yoga and Meditation for years and was not stressed or emotionally imbalanced. But she was frustrated with not knowing what is happening with her body. 


Treatment Approach

Heavy cleansing was needed to remove all accumulated hormone imbalance and a re-programing of the body’s hormonal system. The treatment approach decided and implemented was: 


Condition at Departure

The patient was feeling light and happy in body and mind. Her body changed after the long purge and she said she felt like a fog had moved away from her mind. She lost 5kg and was more active and happier.


Elevated Kapha increases Tamas Guna and this slows down the mind. Cleansing of the upper body through nasya works in elimination of Kapha from the upper body. Also helps with stimulating brain activities and brings more harmony in both body and mind. so the person feels lighter in both.  

She said her tenderness of body and breasts were gone and her headaches are gone. Deep cleansing formulas used in SLTM work in deep and small channels and help to break the hormone imbalance caused by the prolonged exposure of progesterone. 


Post-departure Routine / Maintenance Routine

Continuation of medicine to boost immunity and to enhance metabolism was given for 6 months along with the special herbal tea and oil to use in case of cold/phlegm aggravation. Special personalized diet plan was given to continue together with the medicine. Workout sequence and a daily routine to continue for 6 months was given expecting to note down monthly feedbacks. 


Summary of 6 Months Feedback