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Patient with Low Immunity, Allergic Rhinitis and Chronic Asthma

Patient Details

Age: 42 years Sex: Female

From: United Kingdom

Date of Admission: 4th April 2019

Date of Departure: 6th May 2019


History of Presenting Illness

Patient presented allergic rhinitis. She has been suffering from it for the past 10 years and symptoms keep worsening with time. Usually triggered by polluted air and dust, sometimes mold as well. Starting with sneezing and tightness in the chest within a couple of hours it develops into a wheezing cough. If a ventilator is not used, an asthmatic attack can occur resulting in breathing difficulty and need to be hospitalized. With a ventilator, an asthmatic cough stays for about 2 weeks. There is productive cough and yellowish sputum, breathlessness and inability to perform daily activities due to reduced lung capacity. Mild to moderate headache was associated with the other symptoms throughout the whole period of time. Easily catching flu and viral infections. 


Consultation Findings & Diagnosis

Digestive functions showed lack of Agni and frequent constipation. Coated tongue shows signs of Ama. Consumption of Kapha aggravating food and sweets have been frequent. Occurrence of vaginal thrush after using antibiotics. Face looks a bit puffy and sinuses were tender on palpation. History of asthma since childhood. 


The patient was mentally balanced and aware of a potential physical imbalance. She has been practicing Yoga and Meditation for years and was not stressed or emotionally imbalanced. Physical strength and sleep are good in general unless with asthmatic attacks.


Dosha PrakritiKapha Pitta

Dosha Vikrti – Aggravated Kapha and Vata


Treatment Approach



Condition at Departure

The patient was feeling free of respiratory symptoms which started fading away since the end of first week and by the end of third week she was without cough and with full lung capacity.  Reduction and elimination of Kapha and respiratory system cleansing through Nasya was quite effective along with steam inhalation. Dosha Vikrthi of mild Vata aggravation was remaining till the end of 3rd week and by the departure time she was without any imbalance according to the pulse diagnosis. 


Post-departure Routine / Maintenance Routine

A diet to follow up was given with full explanation of how to avoid Kapha aggravating food. 

A regimen to follow up before, during and after the fall season and whenever she is about to expose herself in polluted air wag given. 

Continuation of the immune boosting herbal drink Ojoboost, which is especially effective on protecting phlegmatic respiratory conditions, was suggested along with the special herbal BR oil. 


Follow up Findings

Feedback received on 30th of January 2020