Plantation Villa | Sri Lanka

Our Concept

At plantation villa we aim to provide a haven of peace and tranquility combined with principles of balanced nutrition, holistic health concepts of Ayurveda, natural medication and mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation. Retreats at Plantation Villa are designed to enable the mind and body connection which is very much lost in the modern daily life.

Here at the Plantation Villa, we do things a little differently. Our philosophy is driven by kindness and inspired by wellness.
The wellness of our guests, our space, our people, our work and our environment are paramount to our way of life. 
Our approach begins with kindness to all in need of love and care. We understand the needs of those who are unwell or come to escape the chaos of city life. We believe in every tree, bird and breath of wind that connects our villa to the world around us. We work tirelessly to sustain this environment.
 We are also a communal space; our people come from the nearby village with whom we are connected to across generations. And we make everyone feel at home. Inspired by ancestral roots and indigenous practices, we take you on a continuous, interconnected, six-step journey to wellness.

Emotional Wellness is the first step in your journey. This is why we begin with love. We believe that wellbeing means much more than treating the body. The core of our process is understanding everyone’s primal need to be cared for. Plantation Villa is inspired by Buddhist Teachings, especially that of Metta – Loving Kindness. Here is a sanctuary of healing where you are more than a guest – as you are welcomed in to our home, rather than to a hotel.

Whilst we pamper you and treat your ailments, you will also be taught many tools that help achieve emotional stability and inner peace. Alongside your healing process, the time you spend in our natural environment and your interactions with our team will help open your mind to a new way of thinking. Our people come from a completely different culture and lifestyle which is why we offer more than a holiday. With us, you are on a journey to a healthier body, happier mind and an uplifted spirit!

Knowledge and wisdom is the second dimension on wellness. Our expertise comes from many years of learning the craft of wellness. We apply our own knowledge of Vedic and Buddhist teachings to modern medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition, fitness and more. We are inspired by Buddhist teachings on the human mind. You will recognize this inspiration in all our practices, teachings and ways. Our inspired knowledge enables us to teach others the art of mindfulness, reaping the rewards of mind over matter. With us you embark on an inner journey to find your path to peace.

Our practice goes beyond treatments because we believe in passing on our knowledge to everyone who comes to us. We encourage you to begin integrating the art of wellness into your lifestyle while you are with us. When your journey with us is complete, you leave us healed and better prepared for the life you are returning to. We don’t offer the standard template you find with most yoga retreats; instead we explain the philosophy behind each action and its ability to improve your lifestyle. We embed practical knowledge and teach kind practices that become a part of who you are. When you come, you come to heal. When you leave, you leave awakened, connected, anew.

Come, let us show you an ancient path to a new way of living.

Physical Wellness is the third dimension. Our approach to healing is holistic; our kind and well experienced doctors offer a number of treatments including Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Fitness and Complete Care. Our team of Ayurvedic doctors, therapists, yoga and meditation teachers, fitness trainers and lifestyle coaches are here to care for you. We offer preventive and rejuvenating practices and healing care to those with acute illnesses. Our facility is equipped to care for patients with cancer, suffering from depression, paralysis and other conditions with a number of dedicated and specialized treatments.

At Plantation Villa, we believe that good food is the path to good health. Our farm-to-plate policy ensures that our food is prepared to Ayurvedic standards and we offer long-term nutritional advice to take back with you and practice at home.

We also have a series of add-ons that feature nature walks, cycling tours and day trips filled with discovery and rejuvenation. Everything about us is designed for your wellbeing.

Society is the fourth dimension of wellness. Our connection to our community makes us whole. Here at the Plantation Villa, we believe that love binds us together. In fact, we exist so that others less privileged than us can thrive. The villa is a source of constant empowerment for the surrounding communities. 90% of our team come from the nearby village; they work with us and grow with us as we have done for many generations. But we don’t merely employ our neighbours; we also initiate and implement a series of programmes that improve their quality of life.

There are many reasons why coming to us is a different experience to visiting a resort or spa. Come here and you’re in the heart of our village, being hosted, served and attended to by our community. The authenticity and genuine kindness you are showered with will make you feel like you are one of us. We also believe that being good to others, is to be good to yourself.
Lending a hand expands your own spirit and your connection to the world around you. We fund and maintain The Metta Foundation, that works tirelessly to support our surrounding communities. We provide financial assistance, organize fundraisers, have skill-building programmes that empower them with practical and employable skills for a better quality of life, help build better homes, better schools and better facilities for everyone. As our guest, we encourage you to join us and engage in our village activities, becoming a member of our growing family.

The fifth element of wellness is the environment. Here, inner journeys begin with stepping outside. We believe in changing the way you see the world. Our process encourages a connection with nature and provides it in abundance. Even modern science has now proven that spending time in nature can significantly improve our health and wellbeing. Come to our little Eden where early morning light and midnight moonbeams are freely on offer. Plant a tree; feel the earth under your feet and the quiet murmur of the forest as it comes to life.

We have immense gratitude for the luxuries of the earth that help us thrive and we believe in giving back to the planet so that future generations can continue to live in green world. Our commitment to nature goes beyond a philosophy and is seen in every action we perform. We help with reforestation activities, growing and tending to endangered and endemic plants assisting the many other species we share our plantation with. We grow our own food, plant trees and tend to the breath-taking world around us so that you may walk into a little piece of paradise.

Your spiritual wellbeing is the sixth and final dimension of wellness. By awakening the spirit, you become complete. To awaken the spirit is to fill the heart, heal the body, awaken the mind, commune with others and re-connect with the planet we come from. Our path is a complete 6-dimensional journey into the self, leaving you happier, healthier and whole. This is how you discover complete wellness and wellbeing.

Come, join us in a spirit of togetherness and discover your own spirits rise.