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We have provided some material on health and wellness written and developed by our team of expert doctors and coaches. Most of the information is free as we want to share this knowledge with you so that you can use it to develop a healthier, happier life. You can also request online consultations with our doctors or coaches, have personalised Yoga or Ayurveda healing for any ailments or follow one of our online retreats at the convenience of your home.

Ayurveda Doctor Consultations

You can now have a comprehensive consultation with one of our expert Ayurvedic doctors to discuss your health or obtain counselling or lifestyle, dietary guidance. The doctors specialise in Ayurveda and Sri Lankan Indeginous Medicine, having completed a 6 year Bachelor of Alternative Medicine at Colombo University, Faculty of Ayurveda and Indeginous Medicine along with 2 years clinical practice. They are some of the best Ayurvedic doctors in Sri Lanka and we have been treating customers suffering from mild conditions, such as mild digestive disorders, skin irritations and mental instability, to acute conditions such as cancer and paralysis. The consultation can be a useful lifestyle and diet guidance approach for you to maintain health and avoid health issues you might be genetically prone to or be a useful start on healing a health condition you may be suffering from. A list of conditions we have healed at our centre are given below and case studies also can be found here.

The consultation will include completing a detailed health questionnaire for our doctors to review, followed by a 45-50min one-to-one consultation. The consultation will allow the doctors to assess your lifestyle, diet and health conditions – both physical and mental. The doctor will then provide you with advice and herbal remedies and medicine along with diet and lifestyle guidance. The consultation will be followed by a guidance sheet with doctors assessment and advice. Any follow up email guidance will be provided free for the 14 days following the consultation.

Please email [email protected] for a consultation

Personalised Yoga Therapy or Meditation Classes

Our expert Yoga teacher, Bernardo Staut has been helping our guests understand and adopt Yoga as a form of daily practice that can begin an internal transformation in their lives. He has also helped many guests heal from their health conditions such as joint aches, muscle issues etc. He has over 12 years of teaching experience and has an in depth knowledge of Yoga (asana and philosophy), Meditation and Ayurveda Therapy. He is also currently training to become a doctor of Ayurveda and Sri Lankan Indeginious Medicine.
You can have personalised Yoga classes arranged with Bernardo or access our online Yoga classes, which will guide you to mobilise your body, breath and mind to bring health and wellbeing. Instead of using Yoga as another form of workout, we choose to offer you a practice which is breath based, and a style that will bring benefit not only to your overall body health, but also will teach you how to properly use the body, and understand the use of more exclusive tools of Yoga, such as pranayama (breathing techniques), breath guidance while properly doing asanas (postures) and combining it in a way that leads you to end with a relaxation and meditation practice.  Bernardo is our head of Yoga and Therapy at Plantation Villa and has plenty of experience with physical practices as well as therapeutic work, so you will be amazed at how much Yoga can offer when you learn how to move and stay with your breath, in a state of calm attention.
Please email [email protected] if you would like some online classes or would like a consultation

Online Retreats or Classes

We are happy to offer our life changing retreats at your own home! Our retreats are offered online too so you can benefit from this ancient wisdom carried by our specialist team of Ayurvedic doctors and Yoga teachers. We aim to teach you how to lead a happy, harmonious and healthy life.

Enjoy our unique retreats full of ancient vedic wisdom and mindfulness practices. We have planned this retreat carefully to replicate the residential retreats we offer here, but tailored to your home environment so you can enjoy it at your pace. The knowledge of Ayurveda combined with mindfulness techniques of Yoga, meditation and the teachings of Buddhism will help you to bring health to your body and mind.

The objective of these retreats are to help you understand your mind, its nature to roam around and need stimulation, and how to be aware of it in order to gain happiness and wellness. We are aiming to teach you a way of life.

Our current retreats offered online are:

  • 5 day Yoga Meditation Retreat
  • 3 day Personalised Ayurveda Yoga Retreat
  • 7 day Personalised Detox Ayurveda Yoga Retreat
  • 7 day Personalised Yoga Meditation Retreat

Case Studies

Over the years we have treated and healed thousands of guests from all over the world. Ayurveda is a completely holistic and personal approach to health and does not have a ‘one hat fits all’ approach. We have treated guests who have come to us with many different health conditions. We have used a very small sample of them and written case studies on how their condition and how they were treated as we felt it might be useful for you if and when you are choosing to come here. See below for some of our guest case studies

Articles for Reading & Learning

Our doctors and coaches have written some articles which they feel would be useful information for you to learn about wellness. We want to share our extensive knowledge of Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and Buddhism and create a space / knowledge hub as there is currently a lot of information available online which is not wholly accurate. This information would be useful for students of health, doctors and practitioners and also for anyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing. With time we will be adding more articles, so please keep checking. Free online video content is created and available on our YouTube channel.

Improving Your Immunity

Improving Your Immunity Written by Dr Erandi Gunathilake, Chief Doctor, Plantation Villa, Sri Lanka   Immunity is a concept which extends beyond the microscopic cellular base known in western science. …

Optimizing Fertility Using Ayurveda Wisdom

Optimizing Fertility Using Ayurveda Wisdom Written by Dr Erandi Gunathilake, Chief Doctor, Plantation Villa, Sri Lanka Ayurveda, an ancient lifestyle science and medicine, has given great importance to reproductive health.…

Ayurvedic Guidance on Food and Nutrition

Ayurvedic Guidance on Food and Nutrition Written by Dr Chathurika Harischandra, Resident Doctor, Plantation Villa, Sri Lanka Food plays a very crucial role in a person’s physical and mental wellbeing…

Flood Relief Donations

Flood Relief Donations Social Responsibility We actually collected a total of GBP1000 as donations and we matched it with another GBP1000 from the Villa. We used the total GBP 2000…

Treatment for Cancer Management

Treatment for Cancer Management The main issues with modern medical care for Cancer is the patients quality of like during treatment and that the causative factors (nidana) are not eliminated.…

Products for sale

Cooling Herbal Tea IM

Cooling Herbal Tea IM Cooling and calming the body relieving skin irritations, allergies, excessive sweating, body odour. Also used for urinary tract infections and diseases such as calculi, burning micturition.

Daily Health Herbal Tea BM

Daily Health Herbal Tea BM Ideal for regulating blood sugar and cholesterol, improves blood circulation leading to better skin and healing of skin conditions. Also removes hyper acidity, hurt burn,…

Constipation Relief Herbal Tea

Constipation Relief Herbal Tea Natural relief from constipation allowing for soft and easy elimination. Also regulating digestive functions preventing bloating, indigestion, abdominal discomfort and hemorrhoids.

Ojo Boost – Immune Enhancer

Ojo Boost – Immune Enhancer Strengthens the immune system and very effective against all respiratory tract diseases ranging from the common cold, flu, fever, phlegm, cough, rhinitis, asthma to COPD,…

Weight Loss Pills – 120 tablets

Weight Loss Pills – 120 tablets Natural herbal tablets to metabolise excess fat within the body. Also effective healing against metabolic and cardiac disorders such as diabetes, cholesterol, hyper lipidemia…

Headache Balm

Headache Balm We actually collected a total of GBP1000 as donations and we matched it with another GBP1000 from the Villa. We used the total GBP 2000 and bought dry…

Dental Cleansing Powder

Dental Cleansing Powder Use daily for oral hygiene: to remove discoloration of teeth, improve hyper sensitive conditions, healthy gums and avoid gum disease, better breath and remove excess phlegm leading…

Body Scrub – 200g

Body Scrub – 200g For removal of dead / dry skin, improve circulation to revitalize skin and reduce cellulite. The scrub includes herbs for skin nourishment.

Face Pack – 100g

Face Pack – 100g We actually collected a total of GBP1000 as donations and we matched it with another GBP1000 from the Villa. We used the total GBP 2000 and…

Body Oil – 200ml

Body Oil – 200ml Nourishing skin and muscles. Use daily for skin conditions and maintenance for healthy glowing skin.

Hair Oil – 100ml

Hair Oil – 100ml Nourishment for hair, scalp and head. Use for hair conditions (eg: hair breakages / loss, premature greying, dandruff, itchy scalp etc) and general maintenance of healthy…

Aches and Pains Pack

Aches and Pains Pack Healing of aches and pains in muscles or joints resulting from injury, aging or conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Hair Nourishment Pack

Hair Nourishment Pack A solution for all hair conditions suffering through lack of nourishment or damage from environment, food and stress. Providing for shiny healthy hair and scalp. (For best…

Skin Repair Pack

Flood Relief Donations Healing skin conditions and revitalizing your skin for maximum glow and vitality. (For best results, use after detox)

21 Day Weight Loss Pack

21 Day Weight Loss Pack Loose weight naturally by optimising your digestive strength and metabolism. (For best results, use after detox)

1 Month Rejuvenation Pack

1 Month Rejuvenation Pack Slow down the aging process and rejuvenate the body. Ideal way to reset all organs within the body. (For best results, use after detox)

7 Day Detox Pack

7 Day Detox Pack Program to detox yourself at home to cleanse, improve your digestion and improve sensory organ activity.