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How Cancer Treatments are administered at Plantation Villa

Sri Lankan traditional medicine uses a holistic approach in the management of cancer which also improves the general wellbeing of the patient.


Our centre was initially established to help those with Cancer: 


focussed on removing its roots, restoring the balance and enhancing immune system

Sri Lankan traditional medicine uses a holistic approach in the management of cancer which also improves the general wellbeing of the patient. Ayurveda identifies the tumour as only the final result /clinical manifestation of the disease. Therefore treatments are focussed on removing its roots, detoxifying the body, rectifying the metabolism, restoring the balance of the body and enhancing immune system. The duration of treatments can vary depending on patient condition. Accumulation of excess/vitiated Kapha is considered to be the main factor responsible for growth of cancer. Although all of the tridoshas (three humors) plays a part in the initiation and growth of a cancer, all tumors have preponderance of kapha and medas in them.


Cancer treatment approach at Plantation Villa: 


1.      Improving digestion –Restoration of the patient’s digestive power and correction metabolic defects is important to improve their immunse system and reduce the accumulation of Kapha.


2.      Purifying / detoxifying procedures – The appropriate procedure of purification (known collectively as Pancha Karma) is  selected according to the derangement of dosha and condition of the patient .Generally purgation, nasal drops and induced vomiting are used mostly in the treatment of cancer. This also facilitate the removal of toxins and unwanted waste products from the body. The congestive features disappear and the patient feels light and relaxed. These purifying procedures remove any ‘clogging’ of channels further improving the digestive power.


3.      Immune enhancing drugs– The immunity and strength of the patient should be maintained as it reduces the intensity of the disease. Sri Lankan traditional medicine uses herbo-mineral formulations to treat cancer. These compounds possess potent anti-cancer properties.


4.      Anti-cancerous drugs– Ayurveda anti-cancer drugs have very little side effects, and does not show any deleterious effects on health. Even these minor discomforts lasts only for a very short period of time and resolve as the balance of doshas is restored. In fact, most of the drugs used in Cancer therapy has beneficial effects on other diseases as well i.e. Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia etc.


5.      Spiritual approach, meditation, yoga etc. – Mental stability of the patient facilitates the curing of any disease. Especially in Cancer, psychological state of the patient should be corrected along with physical state. This can be done by encouraging the patient to take part in spiritual activities, yoga and meditation. The balanced and peaceful state of mind achieved through these practices help restore the balance in body as well.


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