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Wellness – Mindfullness through Yoga & Meditation

We work with many international therapists and teachers who share their experience and passion with you.



Ancient practices of yoga and meditation are a key component to embracing a more mindful lifestyle. Coupled along with healing natural treatments and medicines, yoga and meditation allow the body to restore, improve and develop a harmony of mind, body and spirit. We cannot fully benefit from the physical treatments alone, and this is where yoga and meditation practice plays such an important role in truly overcoming our own personal shortfalls, physical imperfections, disabilities or ailments.

Yoga was initially developed so the meditative yogis could develop their physical body to enable them to sit for long hours in meditation. Yoga is about creating balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility. This is done through the performance of poses or postures, each of which has specific physical benefits. The poses can be done quickly in succession, creating heat in the body through movement or more slowly to increase stamina and perfect the alignment of the pose. The poses are a constant, but the approach to them varies depending on the yoga tradition practiced. 

At Plantation Villa, we work with a number of fully qualified and experienced teachers to guide your daily yoga lesson. We have expert teachers from the Western countries like Europe and the US and also teachers from India and Sri Lanka. Our teachers will be visiting us and will each be resident with us for 3-6 months along with some short term visiting teachers running specialist retreats. It does not matter whether you are a complete beginner or if you are an experienced practitioner. If you have practiced yoga before, specially in the west, you will find that the method of teaching by the Indian and Sri Lankan teachers are rather different. It is more towards the authentic form of meditative yoga. Please inform the teacher at the beginning of the class of your level and any ailments you may have such as joint aches etc. Feel free to discuss with our teacher on your likes/dislikes and any other yoga related queries you may have. Whatever your motivation, whether it is to improve your downward dog or just to get a little fitter or even slimmer, our wonderful teachers will be available and work with you during your stay with us.


We will provide two yoga classes daily – one in the morning and another in the evening. The morning class will be a little energetic and the evening class will be slower. We will also have daily mid morning guided meditation classes to help you develop your mindfulness practice.


Additionally our teachers will be conducting evening discussions on Yoga and Meditation philosophy so you gain a deeper understanding into the practice. The mindfulness principles on which yoga and meditation are based on, provides the foundation for a happy, healthy life.


Norina Bramke

Norina has studied Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation and she is a kind and gentle teacher. At times her german-side will come out to push you that little bit more but it will all be done in a loving and caring manner. She ends her evening classes with mindfulness meditation. You can learn much from Norina who will also be happy to talk about Yoga philosophy and how to incorporate yoga and meditation in your daily life.



Milan was trained as a Hatha Yoga teacher over 20 years ago, and certified by the Yoga Alliance in USA. Focus is primarily in the Viniyoga style, a fluid, accommodating style which starts with the breath and ends with the breath. It flows from one asana to the next; the muscles are coaxed towards each asana with several repetitions before a calming hold. Therapeutic in nature, this is one style anyone can achieve to perfection, for the perfection of each pose lies within each individual body. Also teaches Kundalini yoga and meditation. Conducts group classes and individual classes during retreats. Believes in the healing nature of yoga and mindfulness.



Mujith was trained in Hatha yoga and has been teaching yoga for over a decade. Studied in Sri Lanka under the Sri Lankan Yoga Foundation. Focus is primarily on toning and strengthening the body along with improving flexibility. Flows from one asana to the next and at each stage multiple options can be given to accommodate varying abilities of the class attendees. Teaching for beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. Conducts group classes as well as individual classes during retreats. Believes in the healing nature of yoga and Ayurveda and is a regular meditation practitioners.



Tom and Alison are qualified fitness instructors and yoga teachers from the UK. They are both experienced yoga teachers trained in teaching Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa yoga and mindfulness meditation. Having learnt Yoga in India and religiously dedicating time to their own self practice as much as teaching, they both run some of the most intense yet enjoyable yoga sessions at our resort. Alison runs some of the best Vinyasa classes and Tom ends the day with a calmer Hatha Yoga and Meditation. They take wellbeing seriously from focusing on all aspects of diet to yoga and fitness. They teach all levels of classes from beginners to experienced students. They believe in peach and harmony of the body and holistic health. If you are coming during one of their retreats, don’t be surprised to be called to improve your yoga pose when you are lazily sun-bathing! They take their lessons seriously and end each class with a few insightful words about the practice that they have read. Alison can also be persuaded to run some of the most fun Aqua Aerobic classes you would ever do!



Waren and Michelle are both very experienced and expert yoga teachers. They are also teacher trainers. Michelle's teaching is inspired by her extensive experience in Chakra, Anusara, Yin, Vinyasa Flow, and Kundalini yoga, Buddhist meditation, and a certification in Yoga Therapy. Michelle's classes blend these traditions into an asana program of rich self-exploration and discovery. Her classes emphasize healthy postural alignment, balanced with breath awareness and mindfulness.
Warren's style is extremely therapeutic and compassionate, working with what your body and mind needs in order to bring about deep muscular release and a sense of rejuvenation.  Warren has an almost mystical faith in the healing powers of what he does, an inherent generosity, and a 6th sense about the body that makes him a true master.



Our founder and owner is a regular meditation practitioner whose meditation practice has changed her life. She has practiced meditation over the last eight years and have studied, Aana-Paana Sati (Watching of the Breath), Metta (Loving Kindness Meditation), Relaxation, Vipassana and Insight Meditation. Being very rational thinking, Ishara helps explore the world of meditation through an explanation of the mind, its nature and habits and a general understanding of the mind to help begin meditation. She will happily leave you in the capable hands of her expert instructors, but our guests have loved the calming meditation sessions with Ishara. Ishara believes in the power of the mind and our ability to create our own destiny.