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Our Doctors and Coaches

A team of trained professionals to care for your wellbeing and monitor your program during your time here with us

Our care team:

We have a team of trained professionals to care for your wellbeing and monitor your program during your time here with us. Depending on the package you have selected, you may or or may not have some of our doctors, fitness trainers, coaches working with you on your wellness goals. Below is an introduction to our main care team:

Our doctors:

We have a team of three doctors who work on a rotating basis during the week to ensure each is there to oversee guests who might need special care based on their expertise. 

Dr Nishan Jayasundara

Dr Nishan Jayasundara Is a prominent member of the Research Teams at both the  Cancer Research Unit at the  Sri Lankan National Ayurveda Research Institute and the Department of Ayurveda Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics at the Institute of Indigenous medicine. He is also a Medical Officer at the National Ayurveda Teaching Hospital. Nishan completed a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery (BAMS) at University of Colombo and Institute of Indigenous Medicine. He also obtained special training in Sri Lankan traditional Medicine from one of the most reknownIndegineous Medicinal Gurus in the country. Nishan represents Sri Lanka at International Cancer Research Conferences such as the WIN [Worldwide Innovative Network in Developing Precision Cancer Medicine] Symposium and World Cancer Conference

Nishan also leads the development of some of the medicines (almost all of the Anti-Cancer drugs) provided to our guests. In addition to working at the Villa, Nishan is currently working on a research project studying the effect of a poly-herbal formulation featuring Cannabis sativa on human colon cancer cell lines. 

Dr Erandi Gunathilake

Dr. Erandi Gunathilaka holds a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery (BAMS) at University of Colombo, Institute of Indigenous Medicine. She also obtained special training in Gynaecology and Psychology. Erandi works is the wife of our Chief Doctor, Nishan, and works closely with him on his research work about treating cancer with Ayurveda and has presented their work in many forums. She also assists in Nishan's development on Anti Cancer drugs.

Erandi specialises in Gynaecology, Sub-fertility (both male and female) and Menopause. She is also qualified in Psychological counselling focusing on Ayurvedic Diet & Nutrition, Fertility Concerns, Stress and Anxiety.

Dr Ruwanka Ahangama Aarachchi

Dr. Ruwanka graduated from University of Colombo - Institute of Indigenous Medicine securing a first class in Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery. Due to his outstanding academic performance, he was hired by the university to work as a demonstrator.
During his late university years as a student he developed an interest on a field, where other Ayurveda practitioners rarely focuses on - Surgery!
He specialises in treating ano-rectal diseases such as fistla-in-ano, heamorrhoids, anal fissures etc. and also fluent in Leech Therapy to treat several conditions: Vericose veins, Glaucoma, Chronic non-healing wounds etc.

He runs a small-scale drug manufacturing plant with his wife Dr. Bimba and they are the suppliers of "kshara-sutra" (a medicinal string used to treat fistula-in-ano) and few other quality Ayurvedic medicines to National Ayurveda (Teaching) Hospital of Sri Lanka.

Dr Prasadika Liyanapathirana

Dr Prasadika is an experienced Ayurvedic doctor who has studied both Ayurveda and Sri Lankan Indigenous medicine. She uses the best of both to care for our guests. She is a experienced general physician in Ayurveda and has a deep knowledge of herbal cures. She is our resident doctor and has a kind and gentle nature.

Our Yoga & Meditation Teachers

Catherine Coe

Catherine is our current resident yoga teacher at Plantation Villa. She has been practicing for 8 years and teaching for 3 after receiving her 200-hr Hatha Yoga Alliance certification in Thailand.She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Pranayama, Meditation, and Yoga Nidra. She aims to empower students to discover deeper layers of their being through a more spiritual approach to practices. In her classes you will be met where you are as sequences are adapted for specific needs and levels. Originally from the United States, she has been living and traveling in southeast Asia for 4.5 years. She's had the opportunity to learn from various teachers and hold space for students from around the world in Indonesia, India, Thailand, China, United States, and Sri Lanka. In addition, she's a Reiki practitioner.

Our Fitness Trainer

Included for guests on our Weight Loss Package and available on a per visit basis as an added extra
Poorna Kahingala

Poorna has 14 years of experience as a Physical Training Instructor, Weightlifting Coach, Rugby Fitness Trainer and Personal Trainer. He has studied Advanced Weight Training technics, Physical Training, Bio Mechanism of Weightlifting, Sports Injury Rehabilitation, Flexibility and Sports Psychology. He is a 5 times National Weightlifting Champion and record holder, is a Black Belt holder in ‘Shotokan Karate’ and is an Executive Member of Sri Lanka National Olympic Committee. He does refereeing at World Championship, Asian Games & Commonwealth Games.

Despite all his achievements, Poorna is a gentle soul and adopts a very gentle and caring approach to his training. He is fun to work out with and will take it upon himself to show results. He is understanding and carries a structured approach to fitness training. He is also a nature lover and practices loving kindness which makes him a good fit to our operation!

Our Medical and Life Coach

Included for guests on our Full Ayurveda with Coaching package available on a per visit basis as an added extra

Dr. Charuni L. Senanayake,

Dr Charuni is a qualified Medical Coach, Executive and Life Coach, Mentor and a Leadership Trainer for children and youth. Charuni has a mixed background of experience from Clinical Medicine, Public Health, Programme Management, to Coaching and Mentoring, which makes her unique and to deliver the best results for guests from a variety of backgrounds. Her experience within UN agency for Health (World Health Organization) has given her ample opportunities to work with individuals seeking help under different situations ranging from Health emergencies, Communicable Diseases to Non Communicable Diseases. 

Charuni truly believes in the results of Coaching and deeply cares for her clients. Charuni has been helping people living with Chronic Diseases ‘to live not just survive’, by emotionally uplifiting them. She helps them to recreate life, bring the positivity back into their lives, thereby increasing the quality of their lives (particularly people living with Cancer, Long term complications of Diabetes, Hypertension, and other Chronic illnesses) . She has also been a Life Coach for people feeling unhappy and stuck in life, or in challenging relationship issues, She also enjoys supporting young people with Youth Coaching on career choices, finding their purpose in life etc.  Her extensive background and experience combined with a positive and kind nature makes her the ideal coach for our guests.