Plantation Villa | Sri Lanka


Wellness - Nutrition

Nutrition is an important component of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. At Plantation villa we take this very seriously and believe that in order to make significant changes to our overall wellness, we need to be consuming the right foods, rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals.


Our ‘Farm to Plate Policy’ ensures that the majority of the food that is served to you comes directly from the plantations own rice paddy field, organic vegetable, fruit spice and herb garden.

Free from the artificial preservatives, colourings and pesticides, all meals on site are home made from healthy, fresh ingredients. Anything that is not picked straight from our own organic gardens is sourced locally and ethically so that quality of the food is not compromised.

Our doctor has reviewed our menus and ensured they are nutritionally balanced. Our meals are mainly vegetarian and gluten and sugar free. Once or twice a week we serve eggs and curd (dairy) as many of our western guests seems to struggle to maintain a vegetarian diet long term. Guests are invited to join in on harvesting activities during seasons or learn about their favourite dishes through Ayurvedic healthy cookery demonstrations and go picking the ingredients from the ground. The complete experience encourages a more hands on approach to wellness and promotes changes to unhealthy lifestyle choices and habits for good.